Driving B2B Excellence: Titan's Digital Strategy for Dynabook India



Dynabook,India, a subsidiary of the global leader in business laptops, Dynabook, is committed to delivering innovative computing solutions to professionals across various industries. Known formerly as Toshiba PC Company, the company underwent a rebranding to Dynabook, highlighting its dedication to continuous innovation and excellence.

Focusing on enhancing work efficiency and productivity, Dynabook India provides a suite of laptops renowned for their quality, reliability, and smart design. These laptops are tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of contemporary businesses, offering a perfect amalgamation of performance, robustness, and cutting-edge features.

Dynabook India’s primary market is the B2B sector in India, particularly emphasising securing bulk orders and engaging decision-makers across different industries. By grasping the distinct requirements of businesses, Dynabook India strives to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, thereby fostering the success of its clientele.

Digital Marketing Journey

Titan has been at the helm of managing Dynabook India’s social media profiles and steering its organic social media marketing initiatives. Following Titan’s fruitful endeavours, Dynabook India sought to broaden its digital footprint through paid marketing strategies. As an initial move, Titan proposed the creation of a website for Indian Operations, which was also conceptualised and executed by Titan. Post the website’s launch, the focus pivoted to launching digital marketing campaigns aimed at amplifying Dynabook India’s online presence and engagement.

The Challenge

Dynabook India’s operations are exclusively concentrated on the B2B domain. Consequently, one of the significant challenges in marketing for Dynabook India was the keyword “laptop,” predominantly searched by B2C consumers. Considering the overlap between B2C customers and the B2B audience that Dynabook India targets, it was impractical to entirely exclude such keywords or the B2C segment. The crux of the challenge was to strike a delicate balance between employing pertinent keywords to draw B2B traffic and capturing the attention of relevant B2C customers who form a part of the B2B demographic.

Titan's Strategies

After analysing the requirements, Titan suggested utilising the Google Ads platform in conjunction with LinkedIn for advertising purposes. We tried youtube, search and display ads for Dynabook.

★ Keyword Analysis and Ad Copy: Titan conducted an initial keyword analysis and adjusted the ad copy to effectively target B2B customers. And for LinkedIn, we prepared 3 different creatives to test the effectiveness.

★ Negative Keyword Strategy: Over 2000 irrelevant search terms leading to clicks were identified and added to the negative keyword list.

★ Criteria for Negative Keywords: The main criteria for adding search terms to the negative keyword list were:

1. Low budget:

Terms indicating searches for low-cost or budget-friendly laptops were added.

2. Personal use:

Terms indicating searches for personal use laptops, rather than business or professional use, were added.

3. Gaming laptops:

Terms related to gaming laptops were excluded to focus on business-oriented searches.

4. School and college students:

Terms indicating searches by students, who were not part of the B2B target audience, were excluded. .

★ Adding Relevant Keywords: To enhance targeting, Titan included more relevant B2B keywords.

★Ad Copy Adjustments: The ad copy was modified to emphasise the exclusivity of Dynabook's products for the B2B market.

★ LinkedIn Optimizations: All four creatives were tested, and the most successful creative was continued. In the second month, we used a single creative but promoting an offer from Dynabook.


★ Lead Quality Improvement:The first month was more of B2C irrelevant leads. So our aim was to reduce this. Lead form submissions decreased from 328 to 159, indicating a significant decrease in irrelevant leads.


The Challenge

★ Dropped Ads : Dropped youtube and display ads for proper budget utilisation and for the kind of target audience we suggested the client to stick on to just search ads and linkedin ads.

★ Increased Relevant Search Term Clicks :There was an increase in clicks for business laptops related search terms, indicating better targeting.

★ Competitive Placement: By the second month,Dynabook began appearing in auctions alongside top players like Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. With second highest percentage of Absolute top of page rate.

Display URL domain ↓ Abs.Top of page rate
apple.com < 81.90%
india.dynabook.com < 52.66%
hpworldstores.in <44.53%
lenovo.com < 43.45%
dell.com < 30.88%
amazon.in < 24.91%

★ LinkedIn Performance: Comparing the two-month data, leads improved from 8 to 18, and the quality of leads also improved. The strategic decision of including an offer in the ads helped improve the leads.

Campaign Group Name Leads
5 Campaign groups 8
Lead Generation Ad : Starting 12/02/24
ID:684615676 . Lead Generation
Lead Generation Starting 15/02/24
ID: 684887006 . Lead Generation
Lead Generation - New Creative - 19/02/24
ID: 685032976 . Lead Generation

Campaign Group Name Leads
5 Campaign groups 18
Lead Generation : Starting 08/03/24
ID:685838086 . Lead Generation

★ We developed Looker Studio to enhance website activity and traffic tracking for our clients. Using Google Tag Manager, we implemented tracking for the Dynabook website. This analytics report provides our client with comprehensive insights into visitor behaviour and the effectiveness of ad campaigns on the website


Future Steps:

★ Ad Optimization: Titan plans to continue optimising the Ad for better results. The focus will be on maintaining top page results and further refining the ad campaign.


Through strategic adjustments in keyword targeting, negative keyword management, ad copy optimization and with timely strategic decisions, Titan successfully helped Dynabook improve lead quality and compete effectively in the B2B laptop market. This case study highlights the importance of continuous optimization and strategic planning in Google Ads and linkedin campaigns.