Product Engineering

Our experienced team at Titan understands the best requirements for each business and market needs. Then the product is designed to suit our client’s business environment.
Product Ideation:
Our product team is divided into different experienced individuals. By channeling perspectives from all we derive at a conclusion that is more dependable than from an individual. This step allows for the underutilized capacity of all the team members thus drawing out all the possibilities. Also stimulates better creativity, work drives towards a common goal and results in better products.
Product Architecture:
Rather than mapping a products physical design, we create product architecture which aims on focusing its functions. This brings clarity to the overall product and clarifies the connection between two functions.
Product Design:
Product design is a result of client requirements and their business goals. Our designers strive to work to the very bit where our clients are fully satisfied and the products are market friendly. Once the competition hits our team ensures complete support on a long term market needs.

Product Development:
The strategies and brainstormed ideas are combined together with technological roadmaps to create the final product. Once the requirements are collected our team brainstorms and comes up with the best product designs ideas by closely adhering to client needs. Then we regressively test the prototype for deep hidden bugs to ensure our clients a hassle free experience.

Product Testing:
Another vital service package! Testing ensures that our product remains bug free and comes to the most use by our clients. The most complicated and innovative technologies are analyzed for their product quality to ensure best practices.To provide quantifiable and outcome focused solutions we also leverage CMM standards.
Product Deployment:
Compiling resources to an action isn't always easy as everytime the way to use such resources changes. Hence product deployment is necessary. Deployment process includes:
Built in update
Version tracking

Product Support:
We provide product support services such as:
Bug Fixes
Product Enhancements
Technology Upgrades,
DevOps Support
Customer Helpdesk Services
Installation & Configuration Support
Customer Queries & Issue Resolution.

Component Delivery:
Additional components like apps, functionality for special features and independent modules are developed for product enhancement.

Project Salvation:
Have unfinished business bothering you? Bring them to us and we shall examine the project to provide a completion strategy thus bringing them to expected and successful completion.