Pacific NDT Case Study


Titan X Marketing Helps Pacific NDT Target Relevant Audience and Eliminate Irrelevant Calls and Impressions.

Client Overview

Pacific NDT, a leading provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, faced a challenge with their Google Ads campaigns. Despite spending over US$4,500, they were receiving numerous irrelevant calls and impressions for unrelated keyword searches, including inquiries about medical X-rays. This case study highlights the strategies implemented to optimize their advertising campaigns and achieve better results.

Hereʼs what people used to search for before seeing and clicking their ads :

Many irrelevant keyword searches

1 2 3 abc children's centre

1 microsoft way

1 microsoft way redmond

1 microsoft way redmond wa

1 microsoft way redmond wa 98052

14860 se 51st st bellevue wa 98006

14865 ne 36th st

14865 ne 36th st redmond wa 98052

14865 northeast 36th street

14878 se 16th st bellevue wa 98007

Strategies Implemented:

Keyword Research:

Proper keyword research was conducted to identify relevant keywords for Pacific NDT's services.

Ad Copy Optimization:

Ad copy was optimized to ensure it was relevant and compelling for the target audience. Ad strength is now excellent.

Negative Keywords List:

A comprehensive negative keywords list was created to prevent ads from appearing for irrelevant searches.

Tracking Setup:

Proper tracking was set up to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Daily Optimizations:

Daily optimizations, including budget adjustments and relevant keyword list building, were performed to improve campaign performance.

Results Achieved:

Reduced Irrelevant Calls:

By implementing the above strategies, Pacific NDT was able to reduce the number of irrelevant calls received.

Improved Relevance:

The ads became more relevant to the target audience, leading to higher quality leads.

Budget Utilization:

The budget was utilized more effectively, focusing on relevant searches and reducing wasted spend.
Hereʼs what people searched for before seeing and clicking their ads now :
“More relevant searches, started appearing for similar brand searches in the industry.”
Results of Our Strategy for Pacific NDT

Before implementing our strategy, Pacific NDT was appearing in auctions alongside irrelevant medical companies, which was not conducive to their business goals. However, after executing our tailored approach, Pacific NDT successfully entered auctions alongside top players in the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. This shift in auction positioning signifies a significant improvement in their visibility and relevance within their target market.

Display URL domain Impression share ↓ Top of page rate Abs. Top of page rate < 10% 97.79% 46.89% < 10% 95.38% 21.89% < 10% 91.67% 26.24% < 10% 89.54% 21.55% < 10% 89.21% 27.02%
Display URL domain Impression share ↓ Top of page rate Abs. Top of page rate < 10% 91.44% 51.27% < 10% 91.38% 49.10% < 10% 76.62% 24.66%
What Next

The next objective is to achieve a competitive impression share compared to top players in the market, while also aiming to consistently appear in the topmost search results. This will further solidify Pacific NDT's position as a prominent and visible presence in the industry.