Media Buying

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads add a great benefit to boost local sales and online business. Local inventory, and traffic leads to generate prospect leads.While leveraging platforms like Google we can use them to create shopping ads which leads to increased ad visibility.

PPC Adword management

PPC management works by tracking and managing paid google ad expenditure of your business. Here, the advertisers are bound to pay a certain amount of money for every click the search engine enables in the website.Thus your brand is promoted when we buy website visits. This is a much better option than completely replying on organic visits.

Online advertising runs through the backbone of PPC adwords. PPC aids running campaigns by developing proven strategies and promising results.Being unique for all businesses our team takes ample amount of time to elaborately understand the various aspects of your business model to curate the best tailored strategy that fits you best.

Our team focuses to deliver high return on investment, better keyword positioning and effective campaigns which leads to lead generation and better sales conversion.

You can avail our PPC services if

  • your brand is comparatively new to digital marketing
  • your brand does not have their sole  marketing team
  • you are a beginner enterprise, and do not foresee the probable benefits of PPC

What is our process?

Our PPC management runs seamlessly through a series of steps like keyword analysis, channel strategy, monitoring, evaluating, competitive analysis, negative match and split testing.

From finding the best keyword, choosing the most effective channel to run PPC campaigns(Google,Bing etc),continuously monitoring and evaluating campaign results, analysing competitor tactics and strategies, ruling out leads that are unlikely to convert and frequent alternate method testing.

Display Ads

Display ads with appropriate content is a visual treat to consumers. This efficiently increases brand awareness and strengthens business volume.Contributions from traditional marketing, display ads require much less strategic approach as they are visually engaging. With many varieties to choose from, display ads can be quite costly if no proper guidance is availed. Here at Titan, we provide specialist support to effectively guide you in choosing the best display ad forms.

Our services include:

  • Search Advertising
  • Remarketing – both Search and Display
  • Social Advertising – Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Call Tracking for better retention and acquisition
  • URL Tagging
  • CRM Integration with the website

Mobile App Marketing

Spending ample amounts of money to create sophisticated mobile apps yet hard to be found? Well that routes you to the need for mobile app marketing. Enhanced mobile app marketing strategies pilot your mobile app into the limelight. Our mobile app marketing team will favor you with:
App store optimization for better findability
Growth Marketing
Mobile app PR services to aid organic search
Mobile app influencer marketing
Mobile app user engagement activities
Prototype design services
Pre launch promotion services
App marketing research
App ads management campaigns


Search Engine Marketing

Social media is a vast platform for any digital business. Any business can gain a boost while being marketed on social media. But a remarkable hike in business is displayed only when the business is targeted to the right audience. This can be easily done by search engine marketing.

These statements are further analyzed by combining natural language processors with AI to avail best results. We at Titan evaluate such statements with respect to your business brand.Sentiment analysis helps to evaluate a brand reputation by scaling the emotions they carry. This gives us a clear idea of the consumer’s attitude towards the brand which can later help us in devising brand strategies.Sentiment analysis is crucial in sectors like Reputation management, customer feedback management, crisis prevention, political campaigns and research.

Your business will need sentiment analysis to constantly keep real time track of your consumer’s attitude and responses towards a campaign. 

Also, Quick action towards products/customer service
Online reputation management
Build brand loyalty by prompt responses
Measure campaign success
Analyze brand comparisons from customer POV
Real time negative review management

Native Marketing

Native marketing facilitates an ad form that matches the form and function of the platform upon which the ad is to be displayed. We optimize the engagement rates and identify the specific content that generates user traffic. This type of ads are appropriate for targeting consumers of a certain group.