Fueling Success: Titan Tech Emirates' Social Media Triumph for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.


Client Overview & Background

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Kozhikode Division was seeking to generate leads for a new petrol pump dealership targeting audiences in Kerala and the Middle East. IOCL Kozhikode division had no prior social media presence.

Campaign Objectives

➢ Generate leads for the new petrol pump dealership.

➢Target audiences from Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kasargod districts in Kerala, as well as individuals in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman.

Titan’s Approach :

➢ Platforms: Decided to use Facebook and Instagram for their broad user base and diverse targeting options. Taking into account the minimum budget requirement as well.

➢ Digital Presence: Created social media pages for IOCL kozhikode in absence of digital marketing activities, posted creatives in the page to build trust worthiness for the ad. So that if people visit the page after seeing the ad, they know it's a genuine page.

➢ Target Audience: Targeted just the business owners, founders, and high-income individuals from specified locations as potential buyers.

➢ Creative Design: Though we were provided with creatives from the IOCL team, we Developed a new design keeping it simple with just relevant details to improve performance and attract a maximum Malayalee audience. Image shared by IOCL team Image created by Titan Tech Emirates


Image shared by IOCL team

Image created by Titan Tech Emirates

➢ Language: Created ads in Malayalam and English to engage the targeted Malayali audience and those from the Middle Eastern countries.

➢ Lead Form Campaign: Implemented a lead form campaign with custom questions to filter out irrelevant leads and ensure genuine interest. Two campaigns targeted Kerala regions using Malayalam and English creatives, while another campaign targeted GCC areas using Malayalam creative. Titan strategically used Malayalam creatives in the GCC to avoid junk leads from other nationalities and non-Malayalis.

➢ Target Audience: Targeted just the business owners, founders, and high-income individuals from specified locations as potential buyers.

➢ Budget Optimization: Despite Facebook estimating zero leads, Titan Tech Emirates leveraged their expertise to deliver maximum leads with a minimal budget.


Facebook Estimated the campaign to get zero Leads.


➢ Lead Generation: Surpassed expectations by generating over 800 leads within a month.

➢ Lead Quality: Maintained lead quality by avoiding irrelevant leads through the lead form campaign.

➢ Cost-Effectiveness: Demonstrated the effectiveness of expertly managed social media advertising, achieving maximum leads with a minimal budget.


Results achieved by Titan Tech Emirates

Future Opportunities

Due to the campaign's success, IOCL approached Titan Tech Emirates to design their Onam campaign banner to be displayed in all Kerala Indian Oil petrol pumps.


Titan Tech Emirates' social media marketing campaign for IOCL Kozhikode Division's petrol pump dealership exemplified the effectiveness of targeted advertising, creative design, and lead form optimization in generating high-quality leads with a minimal budget. Their expertise in social media advertising proved instrumental in exceeding client expectations and opening up future opportunities for collaboration.