Decision Science

Begin With New Analytics

Every business decision totally relies on a major part of decision science techniques. Decision science collects humongous data bases from each market sector that aids in the decision making process. These databases are highly reliable and error free.

Business Intelligence

Raw data is transformed into scalable business solutions with a set of technologies and strategies. How we procure the available data through business intelligence leads your business to greater heights rewarding increased leads.

Our dedicated BI team analyzes basic and distinct business requirements as a foundation to build strategies. With the help of an innovative technical framework a sophisticated BI solution is formulated. Once approved, the implementation of the same and change adaptation is handled.

Our process includes:

A centralized BI structure

Data science functionalities

Database quality management

Database security policies

Competitor Analysis

To be the market leader, a business should be well aware of its competitors and their market positions. Their strategies to be known is the best way to prepare your business to face possible challenges. We at Titan help your business to gain most of the knowledge to effectively stand out in tough competitions.

Competitor analysis helps your business to evaluate threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.Analysis includes existing as well as potential competitors.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is a validation to see how a marketing strategy/campaigns has aided in hastening the business growth.We provide you the optimised strategy for marketing analytics to quantify the maturity of your business.

How do we do it?

Ad tracking and measurement– to evaluate results and to alter for any changes

Conversion rate optimization–to track successful lead generators and website visitors

Custom research and analysis–performing tailored analysis on competitor strategies

Google analytics consultation–for responsive business growth

Website analytics and tracking–continuous tracking to share details of analytic reports

By actively tracking and measuring reports, any slight change in the business environment is alerted and necessary actions can be taken.This is also a way to evaluate if the marketing efforts are productive.

Predictive Analytics

Functions like data mining, machine learning,modeling, AI are used to analyze and predict future outcomes of the business. By offering predictive analytics, we offer our clients a glimpse to experience how their venture would prosper in the upcoming future by optimizing the marketing campaigns.

We offer predictive analytics techniques to our clients aa a part to boost their sales by targeting the right audience circle

Sentiment Analysis

To evaluate the effects of a marketing campaign across social media is to perform sentiment analysis. This helps businesses to track down all the comments received by a particular marketing technique. Channeling statements, both positive and negative across multiple social media platforms helps business to form a conclusion about consumer behavior and responses.

These statements are further analyzed by combining natural language processors with AI to avail best results. We at Titan evaluate such statements with respect to your business brand.Sentiment analysis helps to evaluate a brand reputation by scaling the emotions they carry. This gives us a clear idea of the consumer’s attitude towards the brand which can later help us in devising brand strategies.Sentiment analysis is crucial in sectors like Reputation management, customer feedback management, crisis prevention, political campaigns and research.

Your business will need sentiment analysis to constantly keep real time track of your consumer’s attitude and responses towards a campaign. 

Also, Quick action towards products/customer service
Online reputation management
Build brand loyalty by prompt responses
Measure campaign success
Analyze brand comparisons from customer POV
Real time negative review management

Your goals are individual. We believe business advice should be too.